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Intervention description

ThinkForward is a scheme which provides long-term coaches for pupils in KS4 and above (age 14-19) who are at risk of dropping out of education. Pupils involved in ThinkForward are given targeted support in areas of development such as numeracy, literacy, life skills or work experience. Each pupil gets an individual action plan and is provided with help accessing other local initiatives, workplace mentors, introductions to business networks, and work opportunities. ThinkForward has been developed by the Private Equity Foundation, who deliver the scheme in partnership with Tomorrow’s People.

Staffing requirements

Trained coaches offer one-to-one support to help pupils through challenges at school and at home.

Evidence Summary

ThinkForward was evaluated by the Education Endowment Foundation in 2016, but the evaluation did not meet the quality needed to change its evidence rating.

Key stages

  • Key Stage 4
  • Post 16


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