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Vocabulary Enrichment Intervention

Limited for Secondary reading
UK Evaluated in the UK

Intervention description

Vocabulary Enrichment Intervention aims to enhance the understanding and use of vocabulary in students aged from 8 to 18. It was created by a specialist speech & language therapist with input from secondary school teachers and students, and designed for older children and young adults with language and communication needs.

The intervention aims to create an awareness of how improved vocabulary knowledge can be used to enhance learning in school and social interactions in school and home environments. It involves looking at the meanings, make up and etymology of words, learning cueing techniques to help word retrieval, and understanding how a dictionary and thesaurus can be used to enhance language use.

Evidence Summary

The Education Endowment Foundation recently ran a project investigating the effectiveness of Vocabulary Enrichment Intervention, which did not show it to be effective.

The study found a mean effect size of +0.06 for secondary reading.

Limited for Secondary reading
No. of studies 1
No. of students 282
Average effect size +0.06

Key research

Pupils generally appeared to engage well with the intervention. However, some higher-ability pupils found the programme too easy and teachers felt that they should not be in the study.

Key stages

  • Key Stage 3
  • Key Stage 4
  • Post 16

Targeted groups

  • Speech, language and communication needs


£85 for resource

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