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Write Away Together

Not evaluated for Primary writing

Intervention description

Write Away Together is a writing improvement programme based around feedback. Each session involves a dialogue between a child and a trained partner (teacher or teaching assistant) about a piece of independent writing from any curriculum area. Using the ‘Praise, Improve, Plan’ model, the adult makes a positive response to the child’s writing, using specific praise to highlight what the child does well. The adult then helps the pupil to understand which text, sentence and word choices will be appropriate for a particular writing task in order to make the writing more interesting/exciting/clearer to the reader. The final part of the lesson looks at specific text features in order to help the child with planning and with continuing the writing independently.

Staffing requirements

Write Away Together can be used with the whole class, small groups or as an intervention led by a teacher or a teaching assistant. The programme involves two sessions per week, each lasting 20 minutes, and should run for a minimum of 10 weeks.

Evidence Summary

Write Away Together has not been included in any systematic reviews into the effectiveness of educational programmes.

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