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LIT Programme

Not evaluated for Secondary reading

Intervention description

The LIT programme is a targeted intervention for pupils who begin Year 7 with reading levels of 3c or below, which aims to equip them with reading skills that will help them to progress to Level 4 in English. Participating students receive a course of tailored and timetabled provision in small groups delivered by a trained tutor, supported by five fully resourced teaching units. The programme is a year long, and the teaching units cover areas such as developing a repertoire of active reading skills, reading and reflecting on non-fiction texts, passing judgment on short novels, analysing TV shows and pitching their own ideas, and reading and writing poems.

Staffing requirements

A trained tutor delivers the interventions to small groups

Professional development/training

Two days of LIT Programme delivery and core leadership training (two delegates per school).

Evidence Summary

LIT Programme was evaluated by the Education Endowment Foundation in 2014, but the evaluation did not meet the quality needed to change its evidence rating.

Key research

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