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Mathematics Mastery

Moderate for Primary maths
Limited for Secondary maths
UK Evaluated in the UK

Intervention description

Mathematics Mastery is a maths framework which is available either as a primary school or secondary school programme. Schools joining the primary programme are placed in a cluster of 4-6 schools, which becomes a support network. The primary programme has three key features: using objects and pictures, introducing mathematical vocabulary in a structured way, and problem solving. The secondary programme involves exploring fewer topics in greater depth through exploration and investigation, and also has a problem-solving focus. Interested schools should attend an information evening, and can then apply to join the partnership.

Professional development/training

The organisation provides training, then ongoing coaching and mentoring, school visits and access to online teaching and learning materials including weekly lesson guides. Primary schools are offered 3 full days of training (one for school leadership, one for the Mathematics Mastery school lead and teachers new to the programme, and one year group specific training session), plus 2 support visits and 3 local school cluster meetings.

Schools joining the secondary programme receive 2 full days of training (one for the whole maths department and one for the Maths Mastery school lead), plus an evening training event for heads and senior leaders, 2 support visits and 3 national cluster meetings held in London. Secondary schools are also asked to assign 1 hour per week for a departmental workshop exploring the upcoming maths in the curriculum.

Evidence Summary

The Education Endowment Foundation recently ran a project investigating the effectiveness of Mathematics Mastery, which found that it had a positive impact on maths at primary level, but showed insufficient evidence of impact on maths at secondary level.

The study found a mean effect size of +0.10 in primary maths and +0.06 in secondary maths.

Moderate for Primary maths
No. of studies 1
No. of students 4,176
Average effect size +0.10
Limited for Secondary maths
No. of studies 1
No. of students 5,938
Average effect size +0.06

Key research

It is unclear from the Education Endowment Foundation evaluation whether the programme had a different impact on pupils eligible for free school meals, or on pupils with higher or lower attainment. Given the low per-pupil cost, Mathematics Mastery may represent a cost-effective change for schools to consider.

Key stages

  • Early Years
  • Key Stage 1
  • Key Stage 2
  • Key Stage 3
  • Key Stage 4
  • Post 16


£131 per pupil per year (primary), £50 per pupil per year (secondary)

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