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Not evaluated for Primary reading

Intervention description

IDL is a software intervention designed to help dyslexic pupils improve their reading and spelling ability. A multi-sensory intervention, using visual, auditory and kinaesthetic methods. It has been purposefully designed to enable pupils to solely focus on letters and words as they appear on a plain, image free screen.

The intervention can be used by learners in primary, secondary and further education to improve their reading and spelling. It can also be used as a school wide literacy solution if appropriate.

Pupils can work independently or with minimum supervision, whilst teachers can track and monitor progress. The intervention generates an individual starting point based on the results of a straight forward reading and spelling assessment.

IDL contains over 1,000 structured, sequential lessons in sentence format interspersed with spelling, grammar and punctuation exercises. Once the pupil has completed 70 lessons, the intervention automatically begins to use 80% repetition and 20% new learning, providing the opportunity to consolidate, over learn, aiding processing and retention.

professional development/training

The providers offers both onsite and online training. Intervention Advisors can attend an onsite visit to provide a free demonstration of IDL. Or this can be done online.


IDL can be accessed anywhere using a tablet or laptop. Progress is stored in the cloud, so lessons can be accessed at home, in school or any other location. The use of headsets is recommended to minimise auditory distractions, again to help the pupil focus.

Evidence Summary

Lancaster University are currently carrying out a research evaluation into the effectiveness of IDL, the results should be available later in 2018.

Key stages

  • Key Stage 1
  • Key Stage 2
  • Key Stage 3
  • Key Stage 4

Targeted groups

  • Dyslexic pupils


£399+ VAT primary £599+ VAT secondary

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