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Lexia Core 5 Reading

Moderate for Primary reading

Intervention description

Lexia Core 5 Reading is a blended learning reading intervention for pupils from Reception to Year 6. It provides explicit, systematic instruction through personalised learning in six areas of reading instruction: phonological awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, structural analysis and comprehension. Pupils work independently to follow their own learning path online and this is combined with targeted instruction by a teacher or a teaching assistant. Pupils are provided with immediate corrective feedback, multiple levels of scaffolding, and explicit instruction both online and through direct instruction with the teacher.

Core 5 adapts to target skills gaps as they emerge and equips teachers with the data and resources they need to personalise instruction for every pupil. Embedded assessment provides ongoing, actionable data to help teachers prioritise and plan offline small group instruction and provides targeted, scripted lessons. The online pupil dashboard encourages pupils to take ownership of their learning to increase their motivation and engagement.

Lexia Core 5 Reading was developed as an enhanced version of an earlier technology-based intervention called Lexia Reading.


Accessible via iPad, Android tablets, Chromebook, browser, or download.

Evidence Summary

The Evaluation and Training Institute carried out an evaluation of Lexia Core 5 Reading for the Utah State Office of Education. The evaluation found that Lexia Core 5 Reading had a positive impact on primary reading in Kindergarten and Grade 1 and no significant impact on pupils in Grades 2 and 3. The study included 157 schools across 29 Local Education Agencies in the state of Utah. The study looked at the application of eight different technologies in schools, and their effectiveness as a whole and relative to each other.

The study found a mean effect size of +0.16 for primary reading for pupils using Lexia Core 5 Reading.

Wilkes et al (2016) carried out an evaluation of Lexia Core 5 Reading which found that it had a positive impact on primary reading, the study was too small to be included in the evidence rating.

O’Callaghan et al (2016) carried out a randomised control trial to look at Lexia Core 5 Reading, the study found the intervention had a positive impact on blending and non-word reading for 4-6 year olds. The study didn’t run for long enough to be included in the evidence rating.

Moderate for Primary reading
No. of studies 1
No. of students 23,827
Average effect size +0.16

Key research

The Evaluation and Training Institute evaluation looked eight different reading software interventions, Lexia Core 5 Reading was one of the interventions and had a positive impact on reading for pupils in Kindergarten and Grade 1.

Key stages

  • Early Years
  • Key Stage 1
  • Key Stage 2


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