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Not evaluated for Primary maths
Not evaluated for Secondary maths

Intervention description

CoachBright run a primary, secondary and peer-to-peer coaching intervention.

Schools in the primary programme select up to 12 of their Year 6 pupils with prior higher attainment for the coaching. At least 70% of these pupils are expected to be receiving Free School Meals. University students coach small groups for one hour a week over the course of half a term in school. The aim is to help them reach their academic potential in maths and become independent and resilient learners before they leave KS2.

The coaches lead groups of 4 pupils through self-directed learning activities. At the beginning of the session coaches invite pupils to reflect on highs and lows of their week and during activities, peer coaching is encouraged.

The secondary programme supports Year 7-13 pupils giving them the chance to work with a university student or a senior pupil in school. They focus on one GCSE or A Level subject that they’d like to improve in. Coaches plan a 60 minute session around a topic that their coachee wants to improve in, the sessions run once a week over the course of a term in school.The sessions use self-directed learning to increase self awareness, pupil’s evaluate how they learn best.

The Peer-to-Peer CoachBright Programme gives two year groups the chance to benefit from the one-to-one environment of coaching. Much like the Secondary Programme, coaches meet with their coachee once a week in school to deliver one-to-one coaching sessions. Senior pupils are coached as with the academic coaches, pairing them up with a younger pupil in Years 7-10.

Coaches are trained in coaching skills and working with young people. Coaches earn a formal Student Leadership Accreditation awarded by the SSAT (The Schools Network).

Evidence Summary

CoachBright has not been included in any systematic reviews into the effectiveness of educational interventions.

Key stages

  • Key Stage 2
  • Key Stage 3
  • Post 16
  • Key Stage 4


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