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Read, Write and Type

Not evaluated for Primary reading

Intervention description

Read, Write and Type is reading software teaching phonics and spelling with a strong emphasis on writing and typing. The intervention provides systematic, explicit instruction in basic phonological skills and emphasizes writing as a route to reading.

Visual and auditory help comes from the Talking Keyboard and Helping Hands as children sound-out, spell, and read hundreds of words in engaging and animated games and stories.

Read, Write and Type includes 40 lessons and offers immediate and specific feedback and help.There are special features for pupils with learning disabilities, reading difficulties, or learning English as a second language.

Read, Write and Type can be used in different learning situations – one-to-one, small groups, whole classrooms or computer labs. It allows children to work at their own pace.

Evidence Summary

Read, Write and Type has not been included in any reviews into the effectiveness of educational programmes that meet the E4I criteria for inclusion.

A small evaluation in 2010 by Torgesen et al found a mean effect size of +0.44 for primary reading, the study only included 73 pupils and so does not meet the E4I criteria.

Key research

This small evaluation by Torgeson et al found a positive effect size for primary reading but does not meet the E4I criteria for inclusion.

Key stages

  • Early Years
  • Key Stage 1



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