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New Syllabus Mathematics

Not evaluated for Secondary maths

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New Syllabus Mathematics is a series of textbooks for students in Key Stage 3 and 4 which follow the Singapore maths method. The sequence each lesson follows is: Investigation; Class Discussion; Thinking Time; Journal Writing; Performance Task; Problems in Real-world Contexts; Maths Journal Writing. The workbooks provide students with practice of applying the various skills and concepts learnt for solving problems in both examination and real-life situations. They include revision notes at the start of each chapter and practice questions classified into three levels of difficulty. Finally, the workbooks include exam-style questions designed to help students gain confidence and prepare for their forthcoming examinations. Each textbook is accompanied by a comprehensive guide for teachers, which suggests a teaching approach for each chapter and suggestions for differentiated learning.

To make learning more interactive, the lessons also use ICT to help students visualise and manipulate mathematical objects more easily. There is a choice of books which reflect Singapore’s two streams; Express and Normal Academic. The Normal Academic stream is a five-year programme and maps most neatly into the English system. The Express series is essentially the same programme condensed to four years and is for more advanced pupils.

Evidence Summary

New Syllabus Mathematics has not been included in any systematic reviews into the effectiveness of educational programmes.

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