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Not evaluated for Primary social and emotional
Not evaluated for Secondary social and emotional

Intervention description

nurturingtalk@primary is a targeted one-to-one intervention which aims to develop the talk of children with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 3. A nurturingtalk@primary session takes place in a dedicated teaching area and lasts for approximately 30 minutes. It focuses on developing the child's speaking and listening skills in both a social context, e.g. sharing a snack together and academically by supporting classroom learning. The groupings for the intervention are flexible, depending on needs of the child each day; they could be 1-1, partner work or small group. All children are given a summative entry and exit test using an assessment tool, and data from these tests is used to monitor progress and inform the school and the LA about the impact of the intervention. Ongoing assessments are also used to monitor daily progress and inform future planning. Each child will have a different time scale depending on their personal needs and developmental stage.

Staffing requirements

The intervention is delivered by an experienced practitioner, e.g. teacher or learning mentor, who understands the complex needs of these particular vulnerable children. This adult liaises closely with each child's class teacher and parents or carers.

Professional development/training

nurturingtalk@primary is delivered by Education Works, who provide a one-day training course for practitioners. On this training course, participants will learn about the principles of nurturingtalk@primary, particularly around communication and behaviour, have opportunities to try the range of activities in the programme, learn how to plan activities and find resources, learn how to record pupil progress and receive the nurturingtalk@primary training file to start the programme. A follow up 0.5 day visit is also available to provide support with delivery, planning and recording of the intervention.

Evidence Summary

Nurturing Talk has not been included in any systematic reviews into the effectiveness of educational programmes.

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